Just Coaching Consults

Consultations are approximately 45 minutes via Zoom, Facetime, or old school phone call. We’ll chat until you get all your questions answered and can always follow up by email. After your consult, I will send you the “meeting minutes” for a written account of helpful topics we touched on. To schedule a Coaching Consult, please email me at kristen@runallthemiles.com with a brief description of your goals and what type of consult you’re looking for!

Training Consult$49
In this consult we will discuss training principles for your specific goals. Whether that is completing, racing, or PR-ing in any race distance, running for longevity, beginning a running program or walk/run program, base building, maintenance training, or injury prevention.

Race Day Prep Consult$49
In this consult we’ll get you race ready! We will discuss realistic goal setting, race week and race day planning, race day pacing strategy, race week and race day fueling, tapering, mental preparation strategies, all race day logistics, and race recovery.

The Big Picture Consult$59
This is my favorite. 🙂 Do you have BIG goals that will take more than 1 or 2 training cycles to achieve? I’d love to help you look years into the future and plan out how to achieve those BIG goals. In this consult we’ll discuss how to plan out your training cycles, train for multiple races/multiple distances, improve month after month/year after year, build and maintain a solid base between training cycles, and reduce injury risk and burn-out. Just $39 for additional follow up consults along the way.