Custom Race Specific Training Plans

Let’s train for your next (or first!) race! All Race Specific plans include:

  • 1 hour initial consult via Zoom/Facetime
  • Personalized daily training calendar (using the Final Surge platform) geared toward your goal race
  • Education on training strategies and types of running workouts (i.e. – long run vs tempo run vs fartlek workouts)
  • Unlimited contact via email/Final Surge for ongoing education, encouragement, and answering any questions
  • Monthly check in via Zoom/Facetime
  • Modifications to your training plan as needed throughout
  • Injury prevention education including warm-up/cool down, form drills, cross training, stretching, strength training, yoga and nutrition
  • Run All the Miles T-shirt or Tank

Marathon Training (16 – 22 weeks)


Half Marathon Training (12 – 16 weeks)


10k – 15k Training (10 – 16 weeks)


1 mile – 5k Training (8 – 12 weeks)


Obstacle Race Training (8 – 16 weeks)


Ultra Marathon Training (18 – 24 weeks)


Contact me or email for a free 20 minute consult to help you decide which coaching service is right for you.

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