“I am so grateful to Coach Kristen and the care she put into creating my training plan. Before we started I had mentioned both my future and current racing goals tentatively thinking they may be unattainable. She met me with compassion, encouragement, and provided strategies to improve my weaknesses to make my dreams feel like they could be a reality. My program was individualized for my goals and it was modified as needed when life did not go according to plan.
Coach Kristen has a wealth of knowledge on various training protocols to ensure optimal results and prevent injury.
I earned a PR and my first Boston Qualifying time!! I had a blast and cannot wait to work with her again.”
Kirsten G. from Portland, OR

“Without any running experience, I completed my first half marathon in August 2022. While it was an incredible accomplishment, I knew there was a lot more to learn and a higher level of performance to reach. I hired Kristen at Run All the Miles to help with my next half marathon training in November 2022. Her passion for running and coaching was evident from our first consultation. I was immediately impressed with her level of professionalism, expertise, and flexibility with working around my schedule. The training plans were easily accessible every week on my phone and she was always quick to answer any questions I might have. After the first half marathon, I sustained a minor knee injury which had me concerned about my preparation and training for any future races. Kristen’s background in physical therapy was key to helping me recover and improve my knee pain from the previous race as well ensuring I was race ready for the next half marathon. She  was able to educate me to work smarter and more efficiently with my workouts. With Kristen’s guidance, I was able to achieve all the internal goals I set for myself – like improving my time and reaching a new PR. I will certainly be using her services again for future races and would recommend her to any skill level.”
Joe S. from San Marcos, CA

“As a 67-year-old corporate executive managing a small information technology/software business, I need to stay on my game, that is, active, alert, fit, and healthy. Running and exercise helps me achieve that goal while mitigating work-life stress. The pandemic threw a curve into my fitness level when my gym first closed, then shortly afterwards, completely shut down – same with the gym at my work office facility. I signed up with Coach Kristen to get me back on track with a plan. After evaluating my fitness level and goals, Coach Kristen put together a detailed plan for completing a 10K race at a doable but must-be-earned pace. I appreciate getting a “Daily Workout” email communication early in the morning so I can schedule in my exercise that day and get insight into the following days plan. Coach Kristen was particularly attentive to the need for limiting aggravation from my well – worn mature knees, and any new setbacks that could be caused by absence of adequate recovery time and rest days. Coach Kristen introduced me to strength training, fartlek’s, and tempo runs. My new friend is fartlek training in the parking lot at work! At the 10K race, a fast course, I averaged 9:40/mile, overachieved my goal time, and avoided injury. In addition, with Coach Kristen’s structured program, I have trimmed some excess weight and improved my overall health. If you want results, sign-up with Coach Kristen at Run All the Miles and get going!”

Dennis from Concord, CA

“Kristen made me a half marathon training plan. I was able to run more than ever before and find my true passion!”

Brien from San Diego, CA